Easter Eggs

Most evaluation boards or demos have a secret menu that, for example, gives you access to areas of the chip that need to be tuned in development but aren’t designed to be modified by the end user.  When a product is released, these menus are either deleted or disabled.  However, there are some products that have these menus still active.  Has anyone comer across these ‘Easter Eggs’ in their electronics goods?

Porting PMODs to Raspberry Pi

No customer updates this week but I did take a day off work and managed to get the MAX5216 SPI DAC to work with my Raspberry Pi.  I ported the example code from Maxim’s website to Python and got very excited when I connected my multimeter and could change the output voltage.

Little things please little minds!

I’ve just started work on porting the code for the MAX7304 I2C port expander PMOD board.  It’s a little bit more complicated than some of the other port expanders on the market and needed a number of registers to be set before I got one of the LEDs to flash.  Still, the demo code is well written and should be a doddle to port.

I’ll keep you posted!